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The first letter written to ‘Chhota Bheem’, this mother has some complaints

Be happy, live jug, stay small. If you knew your mother or father, this letter would have been written to them.

New Delhi: Watching cartoons is our own fun, children and children to enjoy cartoons. But how much the cartoons affect children is also not hidden from anyone. Several research has revealed that watching cartoons has a profound effect on the imaginary power of children. Now children will learn what they see.

Therefore, the cartoon should also be such that children can learn something good. But the cartoons that are made here are teaching our children something else. The mother of 3 children and Ayurvedic doctor Nazia Naeem also got upset with some of Chota Bheem’s antics, and she wrote an open letter to Chhota Bheem, you too.

Dear Chhota Bheem,

Be happy, live jug, stay small. If you knew your mother or father, this letter would have been written by them only. Anyway, even after the end of the joint family, we have no concept of parenting and those who talk about children are considered childish. But since my children see you, copy, I had to write this letter.

I have some complaints with you. The first is that you are the favourite Indian character of Indian children, but you have more cultured and sensible common Japanese children. Your makers have given you an Indian ‘look’ as Tilak Dhoti. But not Indian culture. Some of the things that haunt me are-

1-Nobita, Shizuoka, Suniyo, Daekisuki, Kenichi, UNESCO, Shishimanu, Shinzo, even the so powerful Robo Doraemon, the skilled ninja hammer and the stubborn stubborn Bully Jian go out to play with their parents’ permission. If not allowed, we will give information.

“I come home” from his mouth, “Mom, can I go play?” Listen. And you go everywhere, everywhere. Don’t you think it is important to tell parents? You are so intelligent, aren’t you? Then why not explain this thing to your friends? Far from explaining, you gather yourself and get out. Raju, Chutki, Kalia, Dholu Bholu, Jaggu all have these conditions.

While Kalia was eating chips, Cruise from the pack got the journey pass as a gift, at the same time you took out your mouth and bag. Don’t you think that children should not go to every unknown place? The responsibility for safety is big for children. You have a superpower, not everyone has it.

Why do your producers feel that 9-year-olds do not need parents, who have not developed their characters, like every episode of Doraemon and Ninja Hammer, parents always have an important or secondary role.

Kenichi and Nobita’s Mummies go to the market, bring vegetables and fish, also bring chocolate rolls and pastries, make soups, salads and sushi, but Tuntun Mausi makes only and only Laddu.

Making and selling is a very good thing, but showing children not to feed anything other than that, over-rated laddus filled with naked calories can be said to be a power source for Bhima, but the food of all the children, you do not think it is thrilled rather than powerful. And will make it malnourished ??

Amara and the Hammers always use ninja techniques, Doraemon is your gadgets and here we have ghost witch, black magic, curse. How does your fan affect your young children? Do you think?

What is your time period? It is not clear about which period. Children walk around halfway whether you are Raju or Kalia. Sometimes a character wearing a shirt paint comes, sometimes you look at the galaxy with a telescope, sometimes with the microscope, you go on a plane, sometimes on a luxury cruise, inventing Professor Comet.

Sometimes you go skating, sometimes you are a skiing, Hindi character, but everything is written in English at every store and information board. You roam the whole world and then return to your king’s kingdom. What a mess is this?

All the other children go to school. Their parents are concerned about their studies, meet with their teachers, ask about their studies, go to school, if you do not have the right gurukul type, get regular education from a sage monk or guru, but not everyone else Time has to be played or adventure.

No one tells your king that no matter how wonderful children are, children are children. The entire army is put on the show when a 9-year-old child is sent to fight against bandits, pirates, thieves, soldiers from other states and witches, wizards, does not even regain mercy, childhood like a weapon What is important to use? Can’t these adventures happen to children by children, to children?

Hopefully, this risk reaches your makers and they understand that millions of crores of children see, want, learn and try to follow every small thing, so they have a great responsibility to give a little better message to them. On.

Lots of love again and all the best!

-Your fan and mother of your 3 fans.