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Doraemon cartoon [2020]-5 Romantic Doraemon Holidays Videos Watch Now



Doraemon Cartoon

Statue of the main characters ofDoraemon (from “Doraemon it is the name of the (cat-type robot coming from the future) that appears in the show.

Doraemon Cartoon

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Doraemon Cartoon New Latest Episode#09

This is the representative work that the author has drawn for the longest time, and is one of the national manga works in Japan. It has also been turned into a television anime,

a movie, and a stage, and many character products are on sale. Overseas, it is very popular mainly in East Asia.

This work depicts a cat-like robot Doraemon from the future of the 22nd century, and a little mysterious everyday life developed by elementary school students Nobita Nobi who are not good at studying and playing sports.

Basically, it is a series of comics complete with one episode. On the other hand, there is also the “Long-length” series, which is also the original version of the movie version in which story adventures are performed in the form of story comics.

The basic plot, which concludes the episode, is Doraemon has a wide variety of secret tools out of his pocket, with features that are not feasible with modern technology.

Although it temporarily resolves the disaster but continues to use the tool inappropriately, it will be returned to the tail ” in many cases, and it follows the story composition of the previous work.

This plot is based on a style called “Sukoshi Fushigi”, which was originally defined by the author Fujiko F. Fujio in his own science fiction work. (If) is reflected assuming the target.

The main character of the work is Doraemon, but as in the plot above, the main viewpoint in the story is Nobita, the deputy main character.

As Nobita was celebrating New Year’s holiday, suddenly she heard the voice of Nobita’s future out of nowhere, and Doraemon and her grandson Severashi, the grandchild of Nobita’s grandson, appeared in a drawer on the desk.

Severashi says Nobita suffered a lot of bad luck even after coming to society and hesitated his offspring with the enormous debt that remained after the company went bankrupt. In order to change such a miserable future, he brought Doraemon to Nobita as a baby robot.

A wide variety of “secret tools” that take out from the four-dimensional pocket of Doraemon’s tummy temporarily solve the disaster that Nobita’s body has suffered, but as a result of improperly using the tools, they finally get a tailback.

In everyday life with friends such as classmates Shizuka Gen, Takeshi Gota (Gian) and Suneo Koshikawa, Nobita sometimes reflects and learns a lot, and the future moves in a good direction little by little.