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Doraemon Drawing[2020 Amazing ]Step by Step



Doraemon Drawing

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We gonna teach you how to draw Doraemon.

So, when it started in the middle of his face we’ll start with the nose. So, basically got around the nose so starting at the top we’ll work all the way around and try to make a nice round nose and the on the left side just on a slightly above Center.

Doraemon Drawing

we’re gonna draw a slightly small circle for the highlight of the nose. So we’re gonna draw it into the eye so basically the eyes are big ovals.

So we start in the middle just to the left and start-up here and then we’re just gonna try to draw a nice big oval kind alike that. And we’ll go to the right side and try to make the exact same size.

So starting on the right side of the nose or work our way up and trying to get the height the same on both sides and then work our way down trying to get the same width and work our way down along the bottom just like. So now we’re gonna draw the pupil centre of each of the ovals slightly in towards each other.

So he’s a little bit cross-eyed, So I’ll draw a little oval on the left. I’m gonna draw the same oval on the right and then I’m gonna draw a highlight.

So small little oval at the very top of each eye and then I ‘ma colour in the bottom side black.

Okay, now from here I’m gonna go down towards the mouth starting the centre below the nose. I’m gonna draw a line coming down about the same height as the nose from here. I’m gonna draw a curve for the top part of the mouth. so I’m gonna imagine the side of the face right about.

Here so I’ll start on this side, I’m gonna just draw an upward curve coming down to the other side starting on the left.

we’ll work our way across to the right now if I miss that line in from. Just curl up the sides of the mouth. So starting here I’m just gonna do a little hook-like. So and then on the right side, I’ll do the exact same thing just coming back in and then from here sort of where I started off.

I didn’t draw on the bottom part of the mouth, So I want the smile coming down. About here it’s in the bottom part of the mouth so starting on the left side. I’ll curve down towards my finger and then I’m gonna work my way back up to the right side and at the exact same spot is on the left.

Now here in the centre of the mouth, I don’t draw a dot from here I’m gonna carve out two lines. They’re coming to the left and then going to the right same shape on both sides of the tongue.

Now from here, I want to draw in the inner part of the face so starting on the left side of the eye. I want to curve around just below this chin and just around that small line.

So coming around I’ll come down just below that mouth now but to the right side and do the exact same thing so curving around that mouth and back down here now from here.

I want to draw a curve going up for the bottom of the neck, so I’m gonna go outside of this line slightly and do an upward curve you get to the right. And so I’m just slightly beyond the inside part of that face.

Now from here all I’m gonna do is draw a circle around the whole heads.

A guide for just above the eyes

Here I’m gonna draw a dot the top in the head is quite close to the eyes. So I want to try to get a nice even circle going all the way around.

So starting here I’ll go out so it starts the taper out wide and I’m gonna check back as I draw just to make sure that I’m aiming in towards that dot coming in and then now I’m gonna try to replicate that on the right side.

So coming down I’m gonna stop and pause and just make sure that I still have a nice even gap in between from left to right they’ll come in and connect to that point all right from here.

I’m gonna move down towards the neck I’m gonna draw the little bell so basically what it is it’s a circle and in the middle of his neck .so and he’s got to curve so I’m gonna draw two curves from going from left to right.

So starting on the left I’ll curl up and make it twice as thick so I’m gonna do another line and stop on top and then below in the centre I’m gonna draw a circle and then a circle it’s going to colour that in black and then from here.

I’m just gonna draw a line straight down and I’m just gonna thicken that up but doubling it up on both sides now on the sides of the head so here where the curve meets the bottom of the neck.

I’m gonna draw a line down on both sides now from here I’m just gonna follow that same line along the bottom of the neck and go around and connect those two points now from here he’s got a pocket and then a big little belly area.

So let’s start with a pocket so just below the Bell right.

Then we draw a straight line across here I’m gonna draw an upward curve like.

 So there’s the pocket now I want to go around this pocket with sort of the inner belly detail so starting inside of that neck.

I’ll start here on the left side come around go around that pocket and back up again into the neck here just in the centre just below that belly area.

I’m gonna draw it upside down you just a small I’ll say down you and from here now if I imagine the body coming out on the other side.

I want the legs to be quite fat so here I’m gonna go up to about here and draw an upward curve I’ll do the same thing on the other side. So, now having these lines will help me engage.

How I shape the size of the body

So I’m going to take this line and try to end up at this edge of the neck but I’m gonna leave a gap. So I’m gonna stop right about here so going up and a curve I’ll stop right about there…

I’ll do the same thing for this side so I’m gonna stop right about here so I’ll start my pin there and come down and connect to the foot now.

Here I’m gonna draw the bottom of the feet so here I’ll take this line around and bring it back to the front of that foot.

I’ll take this line curve around and bring it back to the front of that foot now to finish this off.

He’s got to round hands so right about the same height as that pocket. I’m gonna draw a big circle for one hand on the left and I’ll go to the right side and draw the exact same thing.

So a big circle the hand on the right and I’ll have to do is take the point right here at the neck and join it to that hand so drawing a curve on both sides.

So and then from here I’m just gonna make a point here about the centre of that ball is aimed towards that bill little short straight line and last but not least is the whiskers.

So in between the nose and the top of the mouth I’m gonna find my centre point then go across and right about.

Here I’ll put a dot I’ll go to the opposite side and draw another dot this will tell me where to start the whisker in the middle.

I’m gonna go straight across and end up there I’ll take this straight across and end up right where the face is.

I’ll go below and put a do there and on the other side and put a dig down there.

I think that’s it there we have it a complete Doraemon.

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