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Doraemon In Telugu[Top & Best Episodes of 2020]



Doraemon In Telugu

Doraemon In Telugu#New Episode-1

Friends, there will be hardly any children in India who have not seen Doraemon. And in this article, we will be See some of the most popular Episodes Of Doraemon shows of India.

Doraemon and Doremi…

You must know that Doraemon is a cats robot. He has a miraculous pocket, in which he keeps putting out new gadgets of the future. Doremi Robot is his sister. He is a more advanced robot than Doraemon (while Doraemon’s electricity is only 129.3 horsepower, On the Other Hand Doraemi’s strength is 10,000 horsepower).

She can also use gadgets better than Doraemon. Despite being technically superior she does not boast of herself and whenever Doraemon needs help, she sits in her time machine and is present. When her brother Doraemon is off duty, she helps Nobita.

Doraemon In Telugu [2020]#New Episode-3(1 Day Ago)

You learned

Sometimes brother is more talented in pairs of siblings and sometimes sister. But instead of boasting him because of his talent, he should always help his brother/sister.

Only then you will be able to become a favourite of all, as are Doraemon and Doremi !!

Doraemon In Telugu [2020]#New Episode-3(1 Day Ago)

‘Shinchain, you shouldn’t have eaten your little sister’s snacks.

‘Oh mom-dad, my ears have caught on hearing this. I leave the work of Himavari’s elder brother today and now. ‘

Telugu [2020]#New Episode-4(1 Day Ago)

Do you know that the full name of your tantrums friend Shinchan is Shinosuke Nohara?

You must have heard (or encountered) the laughable song of this naughty boy of six years. His parents always scold him. Her sister Hemavari is very young and walks on her knees.

Even if she does mischief, she is ignored, because she has no understanding yet. But Shin Chan is far more mischievous despite being older and smarter than her.

Telugu [2020]#New Episode-5(1 Day Ago)

You learned

You may have noticed that Shin Chan taunts sister Heimavari in almost every episode and then scolds Mom-dad. So if you have a younger brother or sister, then ignore his minor mischiefs and take care of him. Play with him, but never tease him. And yes, do not try to match him, because his age is still low, but you are smart!

Gian and Jaiko

Jacko’s temperament is completely opposite to his angry older brother Xian. He loves reading comics and making drawings. Gian is a fierce boy who often threatens Nobita and Sunio. He shows them cartoons made by Jaiko every day and due to his fear, he has to praise them even when he does not want to. Once upon a time

When Nobita describes the cartoon made by Jaiko as boring, Gian beats him. After this, Jian went to Jaiko and lied that everyone was praising the cartoon he made. Jaiku said that he saw Nobita’s rejection in the park that he was boring. But Jaiko was not discouraged by this and said that she would work harder.

You learned

Do not give false praise to anything made by your brother/sister, nor ask anyone else to do it, because it will make him habit to listen to his false praise. And yes, if your brother or a friend of his does evil of something made by you then try to do better next time.