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Doraemon Movie[2020] Top 5 Best Doraemon Movies [Watch-Hindi]



Doraemon Movie

Doraemon Movie Nobita Aur Birdopia Ka Sultan [Full Movie]Hindi

Doraemon Nobita and Birdopia ka Sultan is a movie released on March 10, 2001.

Also, a feature-length Doraemon series that was made into a manga by Fujiko F. Fujio and published in the February 2001 to March 2001 edition of Monthly Korokoro Comic.

The 22nd movie series and the 21st feature-length series (manga version @ movie series 4). The comic version also has an extra short story. Simultaneous screenings are “Ganbare! Giant !!” and “Dreamy & Doraemons Space Land Crisis Ippatsu!” A special article was published in the August 2000 issue of Monthly Korokoro Comic from April 2001.

Nobita And The Steel Troops[Full Movie]Hindi

“Movie Nobita and the Steel Troops” Eighth movie version of a popular TV anime depicting the activities of Doraemon and Nobita fighting against a giant robot army that attacks the earth. The original and script are written by Fujio Fujiko of “Nobita’s and the Steel Troops”, and directed by Tsutomu Shibayama.

The Movie Jadoo Mantar Aur Jahnoom Full Movie

The Movie Nobita In The Robot Kingdom Full Movie

“Doraemon Nobita and the Robot Kingdom” is a Doraemon movie released on March 9, 2002.

Also, a large-length Doraemon series that was converted into a manga by Yasunori Okada (Fujiko F. Fujio) and serialized in the February to March 2002 edition of Monthly Korokoro Comic 23rd movie series, 22nd feature film series (manga version @ movie series 5).

A special article was published in the August 2001 issue of Monthly Korokoro Comic from April 2001 to April 2002.

The simultaneous screenings are “The Doraemon’s Goal! Goal! Goal!” And “The Day I was Born.”

Nobita’s Dinosaur[Full Movie In Hindi]

“Doraemon Nobita’s Dinosaur” is one of the episodes in the sci-fi manga Doraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio. Based on this work, the works of the “Large Feature Doraemon Series” were published in the January to March 1980 issue of the monthly Korokoro Comic 1980.

Also, in 2006, a remake of this work, Doraemon Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006, was released.

In 1979, Shogakukan and Shinei Movie’s Sankichiro Kusube invited Fujiko to make a Doraemon feature film. Fujiko, F.Fujio, who refuse to say “I am a short writer”, accepted Kusunoki’s proposal to draw a continuation of the short film “Nobita’s Dinosaur”, and the movie was started.

In the form of making major retouching corrections. According to Kusube, a story to screen a TV series of “Doraemon” was originally introduced as a work of the Toei Manga Festival, but Fujiko refused, and a proposal for a feature film production was raised from Shogakukan.

The Movie: Adventures Of Koya Koya Planet[Full Movie]Hindi

“Doraemon Movie Adventure Of Koya Koya Planet was written by Fujiko F. Fujio and published in the monthly Korokoro Comic from September 1995 to February 1996, “The Great Feature Doraemon Series”.

A Doraemon movie released on March 2, 1996, based on this work. The 16th feature-length Doraemon series and the 17th movie series.

Winner of the 14th Golden Gloss Award Silver Excellence Award. A joint work is “Doramy & Doraemons Robot School Seven Wonders !?”

Nobita Aur Khel Khilona Bhul Bhulaiya

The story of Doraemon and his colleagues on the 22nd- century galaxy mystery train “Galaxy Super Express” became the theme park “Dreamers Land” on the outskirts of space.

The original draft is a 20-page, 14-page short film titled “The Night of the Milky Way Railroad” (this work is also a tribute to Kenji Miyazawa’s “The Night of the Galactic Railroad”).

The existence of a star at the end (Hateno Nebula in the original) and the appearance of the conductor of the Milky Way Railway are also motifs in this work. Compared to other Doraemon movie works such as the railway, western drama, and the Mesozoic world, this film incorporates many of Fujiko’s hobbies and interests.

In this work, the setting of regular characters such as Nobita’s skill in shooting and lovers of Shizuka’s both plays an important role. In this work, Sune husband temporarily becomes an enemy and plays a part in evil planning, and there is a part where Sune husband is isolated from the beginning.

There was also a scene where Nobita was an enemy, albeit temporarily, but rare. At the end of the game, there is an unusual development in which the enemy’s tactics make Doraemon’s four-dimensional pockets completely unusable, but instead, make certain tools on the train a useful weapon.

Fujiko F tries to create a feature-length film based on the concept of a lively narrative based on visuals.

This also reflects on the fact that the story of the previous work, “Genesis Diary,” was pregnant with difficulties such as “creature evolution” and “civilization evolution”.

On the other hand, there are aspects that go into social issues such as revitalizing the local economy through tourism development.

Dreamers Land

In this story, the Hatenohate cluster, which was booming due to the mining of ore called Mezurasium, is aiming for revival through a theme park called Dreamers Land, where the country is suffering from ruins and depopulation of cities due to resource depletion.

At the heart of the story, at the time this work was made, there was a background in which local governments throughout the country were taking advantage of the boom to revitalize the region through the construction of theme parks.

In addition, the Hate Nohate cluster shows not only a gorgeous theme park, but also uninhabited settlements and abandoned mines, unused cargo SLs, and by-products of mining, creating a fresh scene.

Is Doraemon Banned In India?

No,Doraemon Is Not Banned In India.

Which Is the Best Doraemon Movie?

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What is the Name of Doraemon New Movie?

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Who Is The Founder Of Doraemon?

Fujiko Fujio Is The Founder Of Doraemon.