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Doraemon Picture 2020 [100+ Amazing Doraemon Pics]HQ



Doraemon Drawing

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Doraemon Picture
Doraemon Picture

Doraemon Pictures [2020]

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Hello, I am here to tell you about Doraemon blue cat of the future and his adventurous.

Doraemon is this famous blue cat and it is an icon of Japanese culture.

Since 1969, It is one of Japan’s greatest anime and the masterpiece of its creator Fujiko Fujio.

Doraemon is a robot in the shape of a big blue cat without ears.

One day, however, a robot cat from the future lands in his Nobita life to helping. It’s always wearing a bell around the neck and has the distinction of having all-round hands.

Doraemon is actually sent by the future grandson of Nobita. His mission on Earth: to save Nobita( Nobita Nobi((野 比 の び 太), A timid little Japanese boy, Nobita is a rather irresponsible young boy, completely blundering and clumsy.

He is also regularly scolded by his mother and his teachers for the bad plans he often imagines or his successive failures and therefore saves the family from decline.

Doraemon will, therefore, have to work to make Nobita evolve in the right direction and, thereby, to change fate. Needless to say, it will not be easy…

Fortunately, Doraemon never loses its cheerful face and is never short of gadgets or good ideas! It has a four-dimensional pocket, from which he takes out in multiple gadgets to help Nobita to defend herself, fix her problems,& make other children jealous…

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Doraemon Images

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