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In France, the children’s original Japanese manga series was published by Shogakukan.

Manga – Doraemon vo
JP Title: ド ラ え も ん
By: FUJIKO F. Fujio
With: FUJIKO F. Fujio
Type: Shonen
Genre: Comedy, Humor
Publisher JP: Shôgakukan

Hello, I am here to tell you about Doraemon blue cat of the future and his adventurous.

It is first published in several magazines. From 1969 to 1996 it has 1345 different series.

What is Doraemon?

It is a Manga anime series written by Fujiko F Fujio & published in Japan since 1970.

In the names of Heroes of Japanese culture, It will be always there. It’s present on TV, In video games and especially in merchandising and derivative products in Japan.

It has been adapted several times into an anime in his country. It greatly exceeds in popularity one of the works of Studio ghibli and even the Pokemon in France the series is only broadcast on the modest going channel and the paper version of the adventurous of Doraemon which has sold more than hundred million copies worldwide in 2015.


It is this famous blue cat and it is an icon of Japanese culture.

Since 1969, It is one of Japan’s greatest anime and the masterpiece of its creator Fujiko Fujio.

Doramon is a robot in the shape of a big blue cat without ears.

One day, however, a robot cat from the future lands in his Nobita life to helping. It’s always wearing a bell around the neck and has the distinction of having all-round hands.

Doraemon is actually sent for the future grandson of Nobita. His mission on Earth: to save ( Nobita Nobi((野 比 の び 太), A timid little Japanese boy, He is a rather irresponsible young boy, completely blundering and clumsy.

He is also regularly scolded by his mother and his teachers for the bad plans he often imagines or his successive failures and therefore saves the family from decline.

Doraemon will, therefore, have to work to make Nobita evolve in the right direction and, thereby, to change fate. Needless to say, it will not be easy…

Fortunately, Doraemon never loses its cheerful face and is never short of gadgets or good ideas! It has a four-dimensional pocket, from which he takes out in multiple gadgets to help Nobita to defend herself, fix her problems,& make other children jealous…

Doraemon Concept

Doremon, however, was not what Nobi had in mind when he decided to build a robot. To alter the story the goal was to make it an ultra-intelligent creature with Superhuman strength capable of defending Nobita from childhood.

But he only manages to build a robotic cat which he names Doraemon.

The trip was a success and once the encounter was made, the same pattern was repeated through the series.

And it’s no coincidence that Nobita seeks an answer with Doramon to each of its problems. He may only be a robot cat and not necessarily the equivalent to defending Nobita.

It has an incredible capacity, He can take dozens of Gadgets and toys from his pocket from the future.

This is an opportunity for the author to give shape to his most original ideas, often inspired by other science fiction stories or by the current of futurism already popular in Japan.

While some are more surprising than others the majority of these gadgets make readers laugh at their nature or the use Nobita wants to make of them.

Unfortunately for the series and its millions of readers, Fujiko Fujio died in 1996 because of liver failure. The Manga, therefore, has no official end, even if the guidelines left by the creator and the anime adaptation suggest that everything ends well.

Nobita And Shizuka

Nobita ends up marrying her childhood friend Shizuka, Whom we have known from the very beginning, triggering a new chronological continuity where everything will be fine for her family.

In all three anime series were produced on Doramon.

The first was a failure, The 2nd broadcast was just under 1800 episodes until 2005 and new series has since taken over with hundreds of episodes already.

When Nobita Encounters problems, like another child wanting to fight, But he runs out towards Doramon. So that he later saves him by cunning or force.

In general, the robot will simply advise him, because his primary goal is to grow Nobita into a responsible person...

That said, that child does not see it with the same eye and often forces Doraemon to go in his direction.

It’s an opportunity for Nobita and the Young readers to learn the moral of the story Doramon. It always tries to do well, but the child’s playfulness often wins the battle.

The Legendary Manga

What exactly is it in this legendary Manga?

The story begins when Doramon is sent on a time travel by Nobi Sewashi. The purpose of this trip is to find his great grandfather Nobita to improve his destiny and that of his descendants.

He wants to do this, it is because Nobita has always known nothing but misery, from the schooling of oscillating between bad grades and the blows of other students in the fire that forced him to put the key under the door of his business. Thus, his family remains in poverty for generations to come.

Expected arrival in France for this manga created in 1970 by two authors who sign the common pseudonym Fujiko F. Fujio, Fujimoto Hiroshi and Abiko Motoo for the publisher Shôgakukan.

The series quickly achieved enormous success, which far exceeded the Japanese archipelago and its exceeds today …
Released in August 2014 in Japan where it won several awards, the animated film 3DCG Stand by me and it will have a sequel next year.

Japan Ambassador

The blue robot cat (which is also characterized by an absence of ears) has ever gone from popular culture to national heritage in 2008. In fact, It was named most seriously in the world, “Ambassador by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the values represented by the character embroidered Japan.

Doramon was then appointed special ambassador for Tokyo’s for the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo is bidding to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, and even Doraemon is chipping in into the help!

Another sign that the character has largely big into the cultural field is a Museum in his honour, and that of its author Fujiko F. Fujio opened its door in 2011.

With its 3,600 square metres, it is almost as large as Ghibli museum, dedicated to the works of the eponymous studio.

However, while later widely promoted in the tourist guide and welcomes many foreigners. The Doramon Museum is located in Kawasaki residential place of the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and mainly welcome to the Japanese fans.

Is Doraemon A Boy Or Girl?


Doraemon is always considered a male gender robot.

Who Wrote Ninja Hattori?

Ninja Hattori Is Written by Fujiko A.Fujio.

Is Doraemon an Anime or Cartoon?

It Is based on a Comedy Cartoon Series.Doraemon Is an Anime.

What is Hattori?

Hattori is Mitsuba family part.

Who Invented Doraemon?

Doraemon Picture

Doraemon Is Created By Fujiko F Fujio.