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motu patlu
motu patlu

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Motu Patalu

Motu Patlu is a children’s cartoon show produced in India. Its main characters are Motu and Patlu. These two are friends. Both of them get caught up in some comical problems and a lucky escape. His other collaborators on the show are Ghasita Ram, Inspector Chingam and Doctor Jhatka.

Story of Motu Patlu

The story revolves around Motu and Patalu, two friends of Furfuri Nagar. Trouble continues on both of them and they both solve that problem together. Motu loves Samosas very much. Even in his troubled moments, Motu keeps stealing samosas from the best samosas maker in Furfuri city due to his love of samosas. At the same time, Patlu is always ready to help him.

Apart from these two, Ghasitaram, Inspector Chingam and Dr Jhaka also help each other, but sometimes for the strange experiments of Dr Jhaka, Ghasitaram lies or somehow implicates Motu and Patlu. is. When Motu eats samosas, he becomes very powerful for a few moments.

Far from all this, they all have a major enemy, known as “John the Don”, who always thinks of becoming a don, but due to Motu and Patalu, none of his plans succeeds is.

The character

Motu: Motu is one of the 2 main characters. Motu is a fat man who likes to eat samosa. He is a gardener (Gardner). Motu Zadatar says, my stomach does not work on an empty stomach, you only think.

Patlu: Patalu is also one of the two main characters. A thin man who likes to drink tea. He is an advisor who promotes the people of Motu or Furfuri Nagar. The idea (plan), says Patlu Zadatar.

Dr Jhatka: Dr Jhatka is a friend of Motu Patlu. He is a scientist who always makes instruments and together with his best friend Ghasitaram, makes fool of Motu Patlu. Jhatka is fond of eating potato parathas (Panjab dish). He says zadatar, nu Sutiya papad wale nu.

Ghasitaram: He is Dr Jhatka’s ultimate friend. He is a photographer. Ghasita is fond of eating rasgulla. He always says I have twenty years experience.

Chingam: He is a friend of Motu Patlu. He is the police inspector of Furfuri Nagar who loves to eat idli. He always says, the name is chingam, inspector chingam, why fear van chingam is here, avoiding the clutches of chingam.

John: John is a thief who always steals in the town of Furpuri, but Motu Patlu captures John and hands him over to Chingam. That is why he always makes new plans to get Motu Patlu out of Furfuri city. He always says John will be a don.
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